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Shanghai HuaJia Automation Equipment Co., Ltd.
Address: Shanghai City, Jiading District Fanlu Shanghai No. 477
Contact: Mr. mao
Shanghai Hua Ke automation equipment Co., Ltd. is located in Shanghai City, Jiading District Fanlu Shanghai No. 477, where convenient transportation and beautiful environment!
Company registered capital of 1 million yuan, covers an area of 5 square meters, has 46 employees, technical engineers. Professional commitment to the regeneration of aluminum industry sets of equipment development, design, manufacturing, installation, renovation.
Company's main products are: a variety of specifications of the reverberatory furnace, aluminium scrap charging machine, with the exception of gas machine, aluminum, zinc ingot casting machine, automatic ingot folding machine, rotary furnaces (fry ash furnace), as well as for the screening of cold ash bucket, bag dust catcher, scrap aluminum drum sieve separation line of cleaning materials, aluminum chips drying system and other related equipment. Enterprise concept: quality, service, innovation, continuous improvement.
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